Photo by Heather Durham

Photo by Heather Durham

Anna Grace Beatty is a singer-songwriter based in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. She has been touring the Southeastern United States in support of her debut EP, “Burns You Up,” since its release in October of 2018. After sharing these songs with audiences all across the region, she’s ready to share more of herself through the new songs from her sophomore EP.

While touring, Beatty has had the opportunity to open for established artists such as Larkin Poe, Noah Guthrie, and Matthew Mayfield, as well as play shows with local artists in cities all over the Southeast. “I’ve been so fortunate to get to play my first EP on the road over the past several months,” Beatty says. “It’s been a very eye-opening experience that’s taught me a lot about myself and what it means to be an artist. My lyrics, while they might be written about relationships or experiences in my life, are always just me interpreting and analyzing the world as I see it. It’s amazing to see how other people’s life experiences impact how they receive my music. I’ve been so humbled by meeting people and hearing their stories; it’s made me a better artist and a better person.”

While her first EP is the sound of an artist discovering herself, Beatty’s second EP reflects a still-growing artist who is constantly evolving and reaching into different genres to create her own unique sound. “I’m proud of my first record, but I’ve changed a lot both as a person and an artist since its release. I feel like the songs on my new record are more representative of me, both sonically and lyrically, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on,” she says. In addition to releasing new music, Beatty has also launched a Patreon page, called “Love, AG.” “I’m very excited to have Patreon as a platform to connect with people in a way that is more personal than just sharing my music. It’ll be a window into my day-to-day life as an independent artist and businesswoman and a great way for me to share exclusive content with anyone who’s interested in following my career.”

Two new singles from Beatty, “War With Myself” and “Out of My Mind,” are available on all online music services now. Stay tuned for more new music throughout the rest of 2019 and 2020.